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We are looking for member volunteers to host a ride.  Share your favorite places to ride. If you have an idea, contact wayne for information on how to proceed.

Hamakua Tour 8/30/09

Mauka Kea Pot Luck Doubles 9/6/09


  • gasser says:

    Shoots I had a good time…this was a fun ride…the weather was perfect, it’s been a long time since I’ve been over Mana Rd…Waimea side was so nice with cow’s dotting the green pasture’s…I’d love to lay out a full moon 24 endurance event in those pastures.

    Once we got to mud lane Darryl Verria took us on some of his cool easy mud lane trails for a little workout as we worked our way to Tex Drive Inn for lunch…some future rides will incorporate some of these level 2 and 3 trails, so make sure you got a fresh set of knobby’s for those kind of rides.

    I really enjoyed the “good old day’s” back road Hamakua sections, lot’s of wooden bridged gulch’s with tropical foliage engulfing the roadway…going to have to do this again solo, so I can stop and take pictures along the way.

    Magnified Mahalo’s to Wayne, Dennis and Steve for putting on this GPS “no get” lost ride…once we got the corner man system working the ride went smooth and easy.


  • Blue says:

    When is the next ride?


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