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Hamakua Tour 8/30/09

Mauka Kea Pot Luck Doubles 9/6/09


  • gasser says:

    Shoots I had a good time…this was a fun ride…the weather was perfect, it’s been a long time since I’ve been over Mana Rd…Waimea side was so nice with cow’s dotting the green pasture’s…I’d love to lay out a full moon 24 endurance event in those pastures.

    Once we got to mud lane Darryl Verria took us on some of his cool easy mud lane trails for a little workout as we worked our way to Tex Drive Inn for lunch…some future rides will incorporate some of these level 2 and 3 trails, so make sure you got a fresh set of knobby’s for those kind of rides.

    I really enjoyed the “good old day’s” back road Hamakua sections, lot’s of wooden bridged gulch’s with tropical foliage engulfing the roadway…going to have to do this again solo, so I can stop and take pictures along the way.

    Magnified Mahalo’s to Wayne, Dennis and Steve for putting on this GPS “no get” lost ride…once we got the corner man system working the ride went smooth and easy.


  • Blue says:

    When is the next ride?


  • gasser says:

    ~~Off Road Dual Sport Gambler~~

    On a humid Hawaiian Sunday

    On a trail bound for fun everywhere

    The off road gambler crashed

    Was tired out from the rough ride

    So he turns a-starin’ at the cracks & holes

    Out over the lava flows rough starkness

    The fear overtook’um, he began to weep

    He said, “Shit, I’ve made a life

    Out of ridin’ other people’s trails

    Knowin’ where the cracks were

    By the way I saw’em with my eyes

    So if you don’t mind my thinkin’

    I can see I’m out of aces

    With a chew of my Power Bar

    I’ll give myself some advice”

    So I grabbed my Gatoraid

    And drank down my last swallow

    Then I burned some think’en calories

    And had to lift my bike back up right

    And the moment got deathly quiet

    And my faced lost all expression

    I said, “If you’re gonna ride these trails, boy

    You gotta learn to gas it just right

    You’ve got to know when to roll ’em

    Know when to control ’em

    Know when to step off away

    Know when to run

    You never count your stitches

    When you’re sittin’ on the Doctors table

    There’ll be time enough for stitch countin’

    When the stitchin’s done

    Every Dual-Sport gambler knows

    That the secret to survivin’

    Is knowin’ what to throw away

    And knowin’ what to keep

    ‘Cause every throttle hand’s a winner

    And no front brake hand’s a loser

    And the best that you can hope for

    Is to have riding memory’s to keep”

    And when I finished wisdom reasonin’

    I turned back toward the off road bike

    Crushed out my speedin’ thoughts

    And faded off into a logic reality

    And somewhere in the mildness

    I gambled “faster than the crash odds”

    And in my final thoughts

    I found a truths that I could keep

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em WFO

    Know when to roll ’em back

    Know when to wheelie away

    And know when to run

    You never count your near deaths

    When you’re sittin’ on the toilet

    There’ll be time enough for fearin’

    When the kickass ride is being done

    You’ve got to know when to gas ’em

    (When to gas ’em)

    Know when to clutch ’em

    (When to clutch’em)

    Know to survive big get off’s

    And know when to have fun

    You never count your flats

    When you’re sittin’ at a signup table

    There’ll be time enough for countin’

    When the lava rocks dealin’s done

    You’ve got to know when to jump ’em

    Know when you may get folded up

    Know when to get up and walk away

    And know when to run

    You never count your broken bones

    When you’re layin’ on the operating table

    There’ll be time enough for countin’

    When the Dual-Sport dealin’s done


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