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One of the primary functions of BIDSA is to provide a vehicle for organizing rides.  Our rides are open to BIDSA members only.  Much of this web site is also only visible to members.  Members from throughout the Big Island are encouraged to host a ride in their neighborhood for all to enjoy.

How do I join?

You must meet our membership qualifications outlined below, submit a Membership Application & Ride Participation Agreement, and show up for a ride.

1. Reside permanently or temporarily on the Big Island (County of Hawaii)
2. Believe and support the purpose of this organization,
3. Be of the legal age of majority in the State of Hawaii,
4. Have a motorcycle operating license or permit,
5. Own or have the legal use of a dual-sport motorcycle (usable on or off paved roads, licensed & insured),
6. Pay all association dues or fees as required,
7. Participate in at least one hosted ride per calendar year (requirement waived if less than three available events),
8. File with the Secretary a membership application, waiver and acknowledgment of policies and code of ethics.
Policy and Code of Ethics:
Motorcycling is a dangerous sport. BIDSA will take all due precautions but, under no circumstances, can be held liable for damage, injury or death. It is the individuals responsibility to ensure proper protective equipment, good motorcycle condition and appropriate skill level. You must also provide your own liability and medical insurance to protect yourself. Remember, these are “SELF-GUIDED” rides, not guided adventure tours. You are responsible for your own well being at all times.
• I am a responsible person, for myself and others; I be responsible for my own safety at all times; I will be mindful of the safety of others.
• I will avoid trespassing. Obey the laws & regulations on recreational vehicles. Observe restrictions on use of Public land & don’t go around locked gates.
• I will stop and lend assistance to an injured rider, and notify the leader or sweep as soon as possible • I will cooperate with the ride’s leader and sweep volunteers; I will follow the ride plan as laid out by the ride leader.
• I will behave in a manner that reflects well on myself, the BIDSA and other members; I will not “show off” especially in front of the
general public.
• I will be mindful of my abilities and ride within my limits; I will not “ride over my head”; I will notify the leader or sweep if I feel that a trail is beyond my abilities; I will not expect BIDSA or the ride volunteers to anticipate by ability to ride the trail.
• I will not leave the ride to go home without notifying the leader or sweep.
• If I encounter other people on the trail, hikers, equestrian, hunters or others I will stop or slow down as necessary so as not
to “spook” these people or their animals; I will be friendly to all I my encounter.
• Respect the environment. Stick to formed tracks & avoid sensitive areas. Treat native wildlife with respect.
• Always ride a well-muffled & registered bike • Always carry a current drivers licence, & don’t ride in public areas with anyone who is unregistered or unlicensed.
• Obtain permission from the relevant landholder before riding or camping on private land. Leave livestock alone & gates as you
found them.
• Excercise throttle control when overtaking other vehicles.  Don’t shower them with rocks.
• Keep the environment clean. Take out what you take in.

Fill out an application.  Click here to download.

Fax to the Secretary (Wayne Blyth) at 808-935-9829,

or mail to:

Wayne Blyth, Secretary
Big Island Dual-Sport Association
447 Kalanianaole Ave.
Hilo, HI 96720

or take to the next ride and give it to the Ride Leader who will turn it in to the Secretary;

or drop it off with Wayne at Big Island Power Sports in Hilo, or Rich Simmons at Kiser Motorcycle in Kona


Your web site registration and inclusion in the official membership list will occur when received by the Secretary.

A current membership list will be provided to Ride Leaders so you will not have to fill out an application for every ride.  Ride Leaders should also have applications with them that you can fill out then; so just show up!

Please see our Privacy Policy for information on what happens with the information requested on the application.

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