Lava Butt Ride November 23, 24 2012

Lava Butt Course

a 400 mile, two day dual sport ride


Start is at 7:00 am, November 23 at Big Island Power Sports at 447 Kalanianaole Ave in Hilo.

We are overnighting at the Royal Kona Resort overlooking Kailua Bay.

Friday, Nov 23 2012

Hilo to Kona, 220 miles

Saturday, Nov 24 2012

Kona to Hilo, 195 miles

GoogleEarth map of the course: LavaButt

While the course is still in the planning stages here is what we have so far:

There are long hignway sections (no can help) so tall gearing is a must (cruising speed of at least 55mph). We have kept this in mind to minimize tight sections where tall gearing would be a problem. We don’t all have wide-ration transmissions.

Stay tuned for further details to follow.


  • Gasser says:

    After seeing Wayne’s proposed 400+ mile Lava Butt ride, I went out to the lava fields and filled a big bag full of sharp a’a’ lava rocks that I super glued on to my KTM’s seat so to callous my okole for this ride…I’m rough and ready dudes…are you?

  • Gasser says:


    We Earth mortals advance the opinion that the adjustment of motorcycle riding love infinity is like the adjustment to motorcycle riding eternity, being a slow process. We do not suddenly look out over some MX track expanse at some distant moment and say, “Well, so this is my racing carrier infinity – at last” We have the belief that we will slowly become used to infinitely being an MX or off road racer/rider, although we may be quite well aware of the milestones that will mark our progress from the finite to the super-finite trophying podium to the qualified absolute of dual sport off road trail riding eternity.

    When we deal with words that have no meaning – words like absolute, eternal, and infinite – we will do well to sacrifice some fact for more truth; better that we develop a little actual feeling for these concepts than drown in a flood of ponderous beer influenced bench racing language. With this thought in mind, the following story is offered as a concept-Symbol that may possibly add something to our feeling of the way in which a finite motohead creature might become adjusted to racing/riding eternity.

    Suppose that you are a young no limits hooligan rider, a student at some kickass Motocross racing school. It is a grand experience; you have the feeling of growing and of reaching out into new fields of knowledge and accomplishment. One of the things you most enjoy there is jumping and passing. The school has a very good racing team and it is no easy job to become a member, or to win your moto’s as a member of this team. You show up faithfully for practice, every day, without fail. You work very hard to develop real skill. In time, you qualify for the second team, then as a substitute on the first team, and finally you win a coveted position as a winning member of the team. It has been a long time coming and it is a great pleasure, a grand feeling of accomplishment, to make the MX team.

    This is the day of the “big Supercross.” This is the moment of the crucial race – the ride that means victory or defeat. You get the hole shot down the long straight in spite of the opposition swarming all over the tack. Nobody can make a good pass and you have all the good lines. Now there is only one man who could pass you, and somehow you pitch it sideways on the gas in a berm and elude the pass. The track is clear, clear all the way ahead, and you are vaguely conscious of the many hay bails passing under the bike as you carry speed down the track and whip it sky high sideways across the finish line for a podium champagne spraying celebration with scantly clad hot hooter chicks, and now the race is over, and all the way back to the pits success and victory are sweet to the taste.

    Back in the pits you experience the warm feeling of closeness and camaraderie that comes when you and the pit crew who have done things together, are together. There is a renewal of the feeling of self-realization and accomplishment, of being a peer among your fellows; like having a seat at the “round table” of the knights of old, and sitting there legitimately. You have earned your place and have won your moto’s. You have “arrived.”

    Later, as you are leaving, having showered and changed, the off road ghost rider appears, taps you on the shoulder and says, “Could you spare a minute? There’s something I’d like to show you.” Of course you say, “Yes.”

    Off you go in the twilight together, walking slowly back toward the motocross track. By the time you are crossing the track it has gotten quite dark, and finally you are standing just a few yards away from the spot where you whipped it sideways over the finish line. You turn to the ghost rider with a question, “What was it you wanted to show me?” “Just a minute,” he replies, “I’ll turn the lights on.” Bending over a small hatch, working at the fastening he finally gets it open, reaches inside and throws a switch. Floodlights go on, and suddenly you perceive that the finish line you crossed for the win is actually the starting line of another twilight zone riding area, an off road dual sport trail that stretches on and on – clear out of sight into infinity!

    You turn to the ghost rider saying, “Holy shit ma-man! How long is it?” He replies, “It’s a four hundred mile Hawaii Lava Butt endurance ride just for starters, I thought you’d like to see it – after today.” You ask, “Do I have to ride this gnarly a’a’ lava rock trail now?” “No, not until you are ready. You’ll probably want to ride the Mauna Kea two hundred miler -at least for a while. Besides, I’d like to have you help them as an assistant doing trail cutting work. You can help them to stay in top shape. But, whenever you do feel like it, there’s a big area out here to go fast and take chances on.”
    And so, for a while, you enjoy being a trail maker You are to become a MK200 graduate student and most of your time will be spent teaching your juniors, and helping the with the Rock Island Rider trail cutting team. Until – until there comes a day when you get to thinking about that four hundred mile two day GPS Lava Butt event. It’s been most pleasurable being an assistant Trail Boss; but, what would it be like to try out for a team that road on a trail like that, an off road trail two hundred miles longer than the old MK200 one? What would it be like?

    Curiosity is the everlasting despoiler of contentment. The urge for adventure will always win, in the long run. There comes that day when you have a little talk with the Master Ghost Rider trail boss, saying goodbye to the woosy undergraduates, have a farewell BBQ, and move on to try out for the Big Island Dual Sport Associations team that rides the “Long, Long GPS Trail’s From Lava Rock Hell.”

    It takes much longer to make this team – ever so much longer. But you are the persevering type, and eventually you do make the team. In enough time history will repeat itself; and this very thought flashes through your mind as you are wheeling down the root/log/rock infested hell trails to make one of the longest passes ever attempted. It comes off cleanly, you have passed countless riders and there is no one ahead. You pound down the widow maker trails, GPS turn after GPS turn with no flat tires to the da kine Hawaiian BBQ finish!

    After the dual sport ride, back at the ono Hawaiian BBQ, you have that same good feeling of belonging, of accomplishment, of having measured up to a challenge; the same good feeling of being a part of the off road team, of being a part of something that is bigger than you are, of being worthy to be there, and of having earned it going faster than the crash. Just as you are leaving Steve Lau’s broke da jaw Hawaiian BBQ, you have an odd feeling of having been here before.” It is a feeling as though something old and familiar were about to happen. You experience a sensation almost like a release of tension when the ghost rider again appears striking step with you and says, “there’s something more I’d like to show you.” Walking along in silence together, it becomes apparent that you are retracing your steps to the old Motocross track.

    Then you stop, turn to the ghost rider, and say, “This one is a million mile Big Island Dual Sport Association off road ride into unqualified infinity, isn’t it?” And the invisible ghost rider trail boss replies, “Yes, but how did you know?”

    ~The faster you go the more chances you can take~~~Gasser~

  • Gasser says:

    Big Island Lava Butt 400

    Aloha once an awhile Dual Sport riders and all time couch potatoes.

    Friday Nov 23 2012 8:am, 17 Big Island Dual Sport Association riders, six from Oahu, clad in high tech off road armor riding gear, riding tricked out go anywhere over anything $10,000+ Dual Sport motorcycles leave from Hilo’s Big Island Power Sports parking lot, off on day one’s 215 mile section of BIDSA’s Big Island’s gnarly two day Lava Butt 400 dual sport ride, heading off to a 4WD dirt road that follows the coastline in the lower Puna area.

    At one mile into dirt Beach Rd a downed tree with a lot of branches stops the riders as we watch Big Island Power Sports top mechanic Craig Good hack it away busting off half of his machete blade in doing so, but that didn’t stop him, he wailed on a six inch limb like a butcher on steroids as we benchrace joked and unloaded early morning coffee D&A fluids in the bushes.

    Within 15 minutes Craig did his blurring chop-chop magic to the road blocking tree and we were back on the gas for a few more miles popping out of a lush green fern and Mango tree lined dirt road as we turned maki down a cinder road that dead ended into a narrow trail through a short jungle zone that ended abruptly onto the stark black 1960 Kapoho lava flow, and on that flow is a very nasty rock & roll trail that disappears in some spots into gnarly “go faster than the crash” lava rock sections as it follows the coastlines edge, this being a pro off road rider section because of hundreds of tall rim bending tire flatting sharp square edge lava rock ledges and thousands of loose a’a’ rock chunk’s that will kick out the front wheel putting a rider down quickly for the “big hurt” if he’s not hard on the gas skimming over’em at no fear speeds.

    Half way through this 2+ mile section it started to rain making visibility through blurry fogged up goggles more of a challenge to ride this tire chewing, bike busting, body beating, trail from lava rock Hell.
    (see my FB video)

    When we finally popped out a the Kapoho Lighthouse one rider got a front flat tire and had to change it in the pouring rain, if that wasn’t bad enough he pinched that new tube putting it in and and had do it all over again, lucky for him someone else had a new tube.

    Back on the gas going down the Highway we headed towards Kalapana where we got on to a short coastline 1 mile section through an Ironwood forest that we had to wheelie over three challenging wet slippery logs at odd angles to go over and duck under a low fallen tree, then it opened up into a long sandy Hawaiian tropical beach laced with hundreds of coconut trees that we serpentine through leading to a short big roots infested trail up an out to the Highway as it began to rain hard again all the way to gas check #1 in Pahoa.

    Leaving gas check #1 in the pouring rain we took a dirt road through a multi water puddled subdivision working our way up to Volcano where we did an unplanned pit stop at a Volcano Village tour Bus snack stop because Steve’s KTM rear wheel bearings gave out and Wayne was near hypothermia shivering cold, we were all cold and soaked to the bone, I had to pull my boots off to pour out the water.

    At this tourist Bus stop, old grey creaking wobbling perfumed tourist on their last vacation breath streamed out of a nice warm bus and they were just wide eyed blown away to see a bunch of wet laugh joking guy’s riding muddy dirt bikes in the cold heavy rain…thinking who’s that nuts to do that dangerous thing?…die hard pro Dual Sport off road riders, that’s who!

    Anyhow, a little warmed up and back on the Highway we revved the guts out out of our off road steeds to gas check #2 in sleepy Pahala town where we found the gas station was closed as thunder and lighting lit up a dark purple sky on the old upper sugar cain haul road we were going to take from Pahala to Naalehu looked nasty, this being a sign that the two cement flash flood river crossing may have fast moving deep water, so we took the wossy ride Highway to Naalehu to gas check #3 where the weather broke into sun shine.

    All gassed up, off we went to fun section 3 on down Ka’alu’alu’s rough 4WD 4 mile long dirt/rock road down to South Points coastline, at speed, brake sliding into the dirt berm edges and roosting out of the many rock infested turns as we hauled okole down the dense Haole Koa bush lined road hard on the gas clutch blipping to bunny hop over chunky tire flatting lava rock clusters.

    When we got down to the coastline trails, we wicked up the speed more, roosting out of every sandy or dirt turn and getting air on any bump or rise…just having fun like a bunch of young wild horses feeling their oat’s, my kind of cool off road reckless fun @ 71 years old…after all, the closer to death you are, the more alive you feel going faster than the crash.

    So after 17 miles of letting it all hang out in the rock’s and yellow dusty dirt heading towards the South Point windmill’s we road sanely back up to the main Highway going to Ocean View to gas check #4 to get ready for the nastiest section of the Lava Butt 400.

    This is the Maunka area of 6+ miles of radical coastline a’a’, Pahoehoe, rounded sea rocks, and deep sand at the oceans edge where the trail just disappears in places into WTF? nasty seemingly unridable zones that look like dead end’s…I’ve explored and punched my way through these lava rock maze’s before on my KTM 200 and knew the way through to get to the rough unforgiving tire flatting Manuka Bay Rd that goes 6 mi up to get to the main Highway.

    Ok, now let’s reel back to gas check #4, as the Sun was getting lower to the horizon I said to the (snacking, laughing, joking, benchracing riders), dude’s we got to get going we still got a bike and body killing coastline ride waiting ahead of us…dude’s benchracing talk story time is pau, you don’t want to spend the night down there all body buss up or a no go engine, we got to get on the gas now to beat the setting sun because it will be pure Hell riding out of the nasty square edge rock infested Manuka section in the dark!

    I was the only one that knew this gnarly section, so I got hard on the gas trying to beat the setting sun leading the pack of riders down the long wide super dusty rock infested Road To The Sea, where we turned off on to a kick ass suspension sucking 4WD a’a’ trail that began the ride from Hell+2, that eventually pounded Criag Bauer’s forks to ridged uselessness and flattened Matt’s front tire 5 miles away from the exit of Hell, he had to ride up nasty Maunka Rd on a flat tire to a cement slab a short distance from the Highway where he anxiously slipped in a new tube as the Sun was just 10 minutes from disappearing below the horizon plunging us into darkness.

    I hauled okole up to the Highway before total darkness set in to where Wayne was supposed to be waiting, only to see his red tail light way down the road as he was headed 40+ miles to Kona to where we stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Resort for the night.

    So off I go ringing the KTM piston beyond logic to catch Wayne on his 510 Husky but he did a few three car passe’s and went out of sight as it got dark quickly as I then discovered that the rough Maunka section consumed my headlights wiring, so I had to ride 40 mi to Kona on a winding road in the pitch black night (ask me if that was fun?)

    Early morning day two, leaving from Kona, we road the Queen K Highway to Kawihae and hooked up with Hilo’s 808 Motocross officials Phil Oveland and Kelly Krall and some other Dual Sport riders, now there were 22 riders heading to Hawi to ride some dusty coastline dirt roads and then we high speed worked our way up for miles on a dusty lumpy bumpy narrow cow pasture fence line road up to Kahua Ranch where Pro MX rider Phil Oveland works and he took us on “his” trails and made us ride 4 miles of okole kicking off camber Cow pie tire spinning Cow trails high up on the steep sides of tall volcano Pu’u’s (pasture grass covered cinder cones) this ride was like being in motorcycle heaven, having an up high blue Pacfic ocean view over electric green cow pastures with many volcanic Pu’u’s that were dotted with black Angus cows, and deep rocky gulches, you can’t buy this, you got to be an off road dual sport or MX rider and know Phil, who is one cool go the extra mile for you type guy…my kind of brother. Phil’s famous quote is “Go fast take chances”

    Next section was a loop from Waimea to Mud Lane to Waipi’O Valley and back to Waimea via Old Mamalahoa Hwy that goes through ranch land with beautiful looking electric green cow pastures.

    Knowing that we would be getting back to Waimea late in the day for gas to take Mana Rd to go back home to Hilo, I opted out of that section at 1:30 pm taking Mana Rd to Saddle Rd in the light of day because my headlight was not working and I didn’t want to take nasty rough, foggy, raining, cold 47 mile dirt Mana Rd and Saddle Rd home in the dark with no lights.

    The 400 mile Lava Butt Mana Rd story that reads like a Chinese fire drill;

    Mauna Kea 200 trail Boss Ed Ung was our chase truck driver with extra gas, he waited in the cold foggy/rainy/windy weather at Pu’u huluhulu for the riders to pop out of Mana Rd about 4:30 ETA, well at 5:30 pm dusk set in and only Anthony and Steve Lau were the first to pop out of foggy/rainy Mana Rd and reported that Matt had broke a chain 27 miles in, so Steve volunteers to ride Ed’s Quad (he had on his chase truck trailer) with a tow rope in hand to go retrieve Matt, well Steve comes back an hour and half later and said Matt and Joe where not there at the spot he broke down at, so about a half an hour later Ed gets a cell phone call saying that Matt and Joe where back in Waimea with both bikes…come find out Grant had an extra Master link, being a cool go the extra mile riders friend, he put the link on thinking he fixed it, then he road off to get far ahead so he wouldn’t dust out the other riders, also it was getting late and darkness was near setting in, so Matt gets all his riding gear back on, hit the starter button and only went about 20 feet and somehow the chain blew off again!…it’s dark now, so Joe put his boot on the rear of Matt’s swing arm and pushed him for 20+ miles on an up and down curvy pot holed dirt road at times up to 50 Mph plus Joe also had a rear flat tire that came off the rim when doing this!!!…If you know (big Superman built) Joe Edsmen you could see how he could pull off this heroic Superman stunt…”The real off road adventure’s start when shit happens”

    If you want to have a good time beating yourself up on challenging off road trails with a bunch of hard core laughing, joking Dual Sport dirt bike riders, don’t miss Big Islands Dual Sport Association (BIDSA) next Two Day Lava Butt 400 ride or the World Class two day Mauna Kea 200 Enduro.

    Go to> to stay plugged into Big Island Motorcycle action.

    Also go to Nelson Parker’s> for complete articles and photos of Big Islands custom/race car’s, bike’s, racing on all levels, and bike runs and rides, if it’s got wheel’s that turn, Nelson’s the man who know who, what, where, and why you should know about it.


    ~Gasser~~~React quicker than the crash~

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