SECRET RIDE X~~~stealth till the starter buttons are pushed~~~

Could be anywhere any conditions?~could be kick ass or woosy?~could be survival or fun?~could be your best ride!

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  • gasser says:

    The poseurs dream ride

    Creatively qualifying SECRET TRAIL X RIDE

    I cut some new trail yesterday in the ????????? jungle area macheteing through chest deep Lantana/Guava/Pilau vine tangles linking up mini thick over grown wild Guava tree groves.

    I had to tag every 15 feet with pink ribbon just to keep track of where I was, pigs were running through the bush ahead as I macheted my way through.

    This will be an energy demanding 1/4+ mile trail section because I put in many 90 and 120 degree turns one after the other serpentining it through old, old Guava trees on a thick bed of spongy slippery leaves keeping the trail just handle barwide…the trees have a 1, 3, 6, inch girth, so there’s no bending them aside, having to wiggle the handle bars through…it’s dark and wet in there with an abundance of mosquito’s to be inhaled when the going gets tough, and that can be right from the start if yor not pump’en iron now! …it will ‘gulp’ be 450 makeable. ya right dude!

    I got another pink panty section like it down the road in a much rougher terrain, the Guava’s are growing on green moss covered a’a’ among old rock wall’s the riders will encounter…I will lace up as much trail in there as I can stumble trough…man it’s torrid humid in these jungles, after 4 hr in there I’m a whipped puppy looking to get home for a few cold Stinelager’s. just say’en

    Also I got a 300+ ft elevation forest/jungle covered cinder cone I’m going to re-con next week to see if I can put a few technical hill climbs up and down it…just getting to the cone is a tough a’a’ pahoehoe trials type ride. 450 makeable. ya right MF

    I go light as possible when rough-cut re-coning this shit…I will bring my camera to take pictures when I go back to fix some radical do or die spots. ya right haoli boy

    Disclamer>These will be the woosyist poseur Big Island Dual-Sport trails yet.

    The Grunt would go!
    Shootz I’ll ride it, hold my beer!


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