Labor Day South Point SubWay Sandwich ride

Aloha Big Island riders of the rocks that roll…’s da scoop’s;
Rider’s Pack a SubWay sandwich or whatever grinds you prefer.
Staging area will be in Waiohinu @ Kau fish & Ice Supply…Be there at 9: am sharp.
Taking Ka’alu’alu road working our way down to South Pt coastline we can pitch it sideways here and there as we poke/explore the coastline all the way to the windmills having lunch on the cliff’s edge at about mile 33…then ride the coastline back to Waiohinu…60 to 70 mile all off road round trip.
Must be a street legal Big Island Dual-Sport Association rider!
There will be BIDSA sign up forms at the staging area for new riders to sign up.
Takechansesgofasterthanthecrash ~Gasser~


  • gasser says:

    Just curious…does anyone read anything on this site?

    Comments on rides here are like trying to find Paleozoic golden hen’s teeth inside a 10,000 cc Wisco piston box on the top shelf of a Harley dealer in Crotch Corners Iowa on a sunny day, actually it need not be sunny and the box could be on the middle shelf, shit it could even be a Yamaha dealer in Puke Mont California with a 125cc piston for a 51 Buick 4 door stuffed in a genuine Honda parts box for a Goldwing in the Salvation Army’s back storage room on Mamo street in Hilo.

    I’d even settle looking for used dentures made in China for a sick Mallard duck with bad breath on crutches…but then I guess wossy couch potato TV stick and ball games rule now day’s over riding Dual-Sport bikes on Sundays…shootz, I’m going sell my KTM and start knitting silk chest protectors for DNLR tree huggers as I watch bowling on TV….if the riding urge rushes up in me I may go to Wal*Mart parking lot and kickstand bench race with the Moped riders for some real castor oil two stroke smell excitement.

    Inversely proportional bottom line> Goslowanddieorgofasttakingchanceslivinglonger

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