Ten Reasons Dual-Sport riders never wave back.



Ten Reasons Dual-Sport riders never wave back.


10. Too busy feeling around for loose pack straps.

  9. Can’t see good through 25 layers of Tear-Off’s.

  8. Preoccupied pushing GPS and cell phone buttons.

  7. Tall knobby tires vibrate so bad you can’t see anyone. 

  6. Got a race face on heading for tough Mud Lane trail’s.

  5. Handle bar vibration is so bad, hand is to numb to wave. 

  4. Too focused on calculating miles per gallon pit stop sections.

  3. Can’t see through the front finder, when wheeling down the road.

  2. Loud pipe, slapping chain, hurricane force wind noisy helmet over rides thought to wave back.  

  1. Ass is so sore, raising left hand up to wave causes excruciating pain on the right cheek.


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