Part 1 of Gasser’s Hell’s Dual Sport Trail

Aloha Riders of the rock island,

Its been a long time from the last post here on BIDSA as Dual Sporting has dropped off considerably.

Being an off road junky, I now ride solo, making off~road extreme dual sport sections for my own personal challenges.

I take it as it comes and leave it as it is, no markings or ribbons, only following a GPS at lost memory times.

At my age, I try to get riding time every chance as I pit stop at home to get ready for tomorrows ride to places/sections that I continuously plan ahead for, so I can stay fluidly alive and healthy in my personal thought bubble of, always fun on the throttle going faster than the crash where no wheel has ever rolled before.

This series of 10 vids to follow is on Hell’s Dual Sport 100 mi Trail loop.″ type=”video/mp4″>



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